The Cat T-Shirt & Our IndieGoGo Campaign

We got seven songs recorded and overdubbed, and that was all paid for by the incredible support we received on tour and at our local shows. Now we’re zeroed out again, but we want to get our tracks mixed and into your ears.

We have t-shirts in the works (design below) and so we are pre-selling the t-shirts and downloads of our upcoming album as a fundraiser on Indigogo. Click here to see what we got for you.




A few cute pictures from 2018!

This one is from Ladyfest in Placerville, CA.

This one is after our fun show in Fresno.

In Tacoma, WA on our mini-tour (right before shopping it up at the Goodwill Outlet).

It’s been an amazing year. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2019! We’re scheduled to record again in February, so we’ll be putting some new stuff in your ears.